Here are the 4 steps to Solarize!

1. Get a free assessment to determine if your site is a good candidate for solar

Sign up for a free site assessment (see the "Sign Up" tab above). We will pass along your information to Hannah Solar and they will pre-screen your site with an aerial/remote assessment. If your site is suitable, they'll schedule a visit to look at your property and your roof, explain the details of solar installation, and answer any questions you might have. Requesting the site assessment does not commit you to anything; it simply provides you with more information to assist you in decision making.

2. Leverage the Solarize discount and federal tax credit
The cost of your system will depend on several factors: the size of your system, the final tiered pricing (based on the number of participants in the Solarize Tybee program), any customizations for your site, and whether you can take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit. You may wish to investigate financing options such as special renewable energy loans or home equity loans.
Notes: Individual circumstances vary and not everyone is able to take full advantage of the tax credits. Please consult a tax professional to learn if the federal solar tax credits apply in your situation. The City of Tybee and the Tybee Community Resource Committee do not endorse a particular financial institution or loan program. Consult your financial adviser for options and solutions for your individual situation. Be sure to ask about any and all financing fees and terms.

The table below shows the pricing tiers for this program, and a basic 5-kilowatt system as an example. Hannah Solar will recommend the appropriate-sized system for your needs based on your energy usage and roof size. You are guaranteed Tier 1 pricing, but as more contracts are signed, the price may fall; you will receive the price for the final program tier reached. For example, if 11 5-kilowatt contracts are signed, we will have reached Tier 2 and your price will decrease by $0.05/watt.

   Tier 1 
 Tier 2
 Tier 3
 Tier 4
 Tier 5
Total of signed contracts
 1 kW-50 kW
 51 kW-100 kW
 101 kW-150 kW
 151 kW-200 kW
 201 kW-300 kW
 5 kW cost
 $14,750  $14,500 
 $14,250  $14,000  $13,750
 30% tax credit
 $4425  $4350  $4275
 $4200  $4125
 Final cost after tax credit
 $10,150  $9975  $9800  $9625
   Tier 6  
 Tier 7
 Tier 8
 Tier 9
 Tier 10
 Total of signed contracts  301 kW-500 kW
 501 kW-1.0 MW
 1.001 MW-1.5 MW
 1.501 MW-2.0 MW
 > 2.0 MW
 5 kW cost
 $13,500  $13,000  $12,500  $11,250  $10,000
 30% tax credit
 $4050  $3900  $3750  $3375  $3000
 Final cost after tax credit
 $9450  $9100  $8750  $7875  $7000

3. Sign contract and install panels
Once you sign a contract, Hannah Solar will gather all of your information, obtain all of the necessary permits, order the materials and equipment, and schedule your installation and inspections.

4. Start generating clean electricity and saving money!
Buying a solar PV system is an investment that can deliver significant energy cost savings for years to come.  A number of factors determine how much you can save over time, including the future price of electricity and how long your system operates.

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